About Us

  • Provide trouble-free Web access — with a CD-ROM! No hard-drive needed!
  • Your PC boots from the CD and a web browser appears — that’s it!
  • Use wherever you want to supply Web access to people, without worrying about what they will do to your computer.
  • Currently being used at places like: a hotel lobby, skydiving center bar-and-grill, retirement home library, wine-country b&b, hospital employee lounge, ad agency, etc.
  • No other programs or menus are available to the user. Users cannot change the configuration. Cannot be infected since it’s a read-only CD. Always reboots to same state. If you have a hard-drive installed, it is ignored by KioskCD.
  • Upon booting, KioskCD automatically configures a network connection, using standard DHCP. Or use a static IP (v2.7+).
  • Perfect solution for waiting rooms, cafes, schools, events. Get a spare PC, put in the CD, and the job is done.
  • Keep your regular OS on your hard-drive. Then you can either boot from the CD (for web browser only) or from the hard-drive (to use your computer as usual).