Linux Advantages

Developers continue to update so that Linux can survive in accordance with the times. One of the advantages and disadvantages of Linux is that it is open-source, which of course can be accessed for free by anyone. However, because it is free, it requires adjustments and a learning process in order to use Linux optimally. Well, let me be more complete, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Linux.

  • Open-Source

The main advantage of the Linux operating system is that it is open-source. The meaning of open-source itself is that the source code in the operating system is open to anyone. Open-source also means free and can be developed according to the wishes of the developer. Even its use is unlimited and can be modified for any purpose.

  • Security

Unlike Windows, Linux’s strengths and weaknesses are security. Linux requires authorization every time a user wants to run a program, so viruses will have a hard time running on software. However, it is not because of these difficulties that Linux does not have a virus. Just like Windows, Linux also has the potential to be infected with a virus. It’s just not as bad as Windows.

Security is not just about viruses. The security of privacy and personal data of users is also guaranteed on Linux. Linux itself does not collect user data when using certain distributions or software. Unlike most other operating systems that require user personal data.

  • Light

Unlike Windows, which uses a GUI (Graphical User Interface) so that its appearance is quite important to help users. Linux is more to the command line through text-based commands. So that makes Linux lighter than Windows or most operating systems in general.

Even so, currently Linux also implements a GUI and still uses the same command line. And, still Linux is lighter. This lightness makes Linux able to operate on computers or hardware that is outdated and has low specifications.

  • customization

Another advantage and disadvantage of Linux is customization. So because they are given the freedom to modify the operating system by themselves, Linux users can customize their own features. Starting from adding the features that are needed to removing the features that are not needed. Not only that, the appearance of Linux itself can be modified as comfortable and as good as possible by the user.

  • Many choices of distributions

Lastly, there are many distros available to choose from. Both as advantages and disadvantages of Linux, having a lot of distributions is enough to help users choose based on the function of their computer. There are many distros that are currently active and growing. Such as Fedora, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Debian, Linux Mint, and so on. It’s just that, because it will confuse beginners who want to learn. Although each distro has the same function.